Choose an Invocation Response Mode

Specify how the custom application interacts with the trigger service with the invocation response mode. There are three response modes to choose from: SYNC, ASYNC, and DYNAMIC.


This type of response creates a synchronous flow between the trigger service and the custom application. Once a trigger has been invoked, the custom application is expected to respond within 10 seconds before timeout.


This type of response creates an asynchronous flow between the trigger service and the custom application. When a trigger is invoked, the custom application does not need to respond immediately. The trigger service will provide an URL and a secret that the custom application can use to complete the invocation if the custom application wishes to handle the invocation at a later time.


This type of response gives the custom application the ability to choose on the fly whether it handles the invocation request synchronously or asynchronously. In some cases, SYNC mode may be chosen because it is able to respond quickly. In other cases, it may choose ASYNC because it needs to run some long, blocking task before responding to the invocation.

Note: Above response modes only apply when HTTP is specified as subscription type.