What’s New

September 30, 2020

Changes to Non-Employee Bulk Upload APIs

POST /non-employee-sources/{id}/non-employee-bulk-upload

A successful call of this existing endpoint will result in the bulk job being queued in the system and the processing is now asynchronous. A new endpoint is available to check the job status of the last bulk upload on a source: /non-employee-sources/{id}/non-employee-bulk-upload/status

Changes to Non-Employee Download APIs

To export a non-employee source’s account schema attributes: /non-employee-sources/{id}/schema-attributes-template/download will replace /non-employee-sources/{id}/export/schema-attributes-template.

To export a source’s non-employee accounts:

/non-employee-sources/{id}/non-employees/download will replace /non-employee-sources/{id}/export/non-employees.